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Frequently Asked Questions

How does slabjacking work?

Slabjacking is a fast and easy process that will quickly address many commercial, residential, or municipal concrete issues. A series of small holes are drilled into the slab through which a soil or sand and cement mix is pumped. The mix is pumped under pressure into small holes drilled through the concrete slabs. The mixture displaces air pockets, water, and water saturated materials, raises the slab, and leaves a firm, permanent sub grade. When the slab has reached its proper grade, the holes are patched with high strength, quick setting cement. The entire process is usually completed in just a few hours, allowing the concrete to be back in use almost immediately. Slabjacking is cost-effective, environmentally sound, easy, and convenient!

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How long does slabjacking take?

Slabjacking is a process that is usually completed within hours, allowing the concrete to be back in use almost immediately. Because we raise your existing concrete, we do not have to demolish and remove old concrete, haul it away, grade the area, lay wire mesh, wait for the concrete to cure, replace landscaping, etc. The use of the area is only interrupted for a short period of time. In addition to slabjacking's temporal advantages, it is also 50-90% less than the cost of replacement!

How much will slabjacking cost?

Most slabs can be raised for one third to half the cost of replacement, and without the mess or inconvenience that accompanies replacement. For exact pricing on your commercial, residential, or municipal concrete, please contact us for your free written estimate.

What are the signs that it may be time for slabjacking?

If your property has any areas adjacent to poured concrete that appear to have shifted and are slanting towards your building, that means that it is simply a matter of time before drainage problems result. The area directly adjacent to your home or building should always be graded away from your building.

Also, if there are any areas of patio, walkway or sidewalk that have shifted and become uneven, these can be considered trip hazards and can benefit from a fast, no mess, low cost alternative such as slabjacking.

How long will the slabjacking results last for?

If any pre-existing water drainage issues have been repaired, slabjacking should last indefinitely.

Does slabjacking also address other problems with concrete, such as cracks?

Slabjacking mainly addresses issues with the movement or shifting of concrete, however there are many other services that we can provide for all other concrete repair issues.

Does Level Line provide other services besides concrete repair/slabjacking?

YES! Level Line can provide a wide range of solutions to repair or replace concrete including the repair of cracks, grinding and resurfacing of concrete with solutions such as patterned concrete and jewel stone, cutting and/or resizing areas of poured concrete, installation of interlocking brick, flagstone or other natural stone surfaces.

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Improve water drainage and property value. Drainage problems can cause ground erosion and structural damage. Levelling your sunken or shifted concrete will improve curb appeal, increase property value and prevent further property damage.


Reduce downtime and liability issues. Property owners are responsible for personal injury. Slabjacking is an economical alternative to eliminate trip hazards. Concrete is repaired safely and with minimal disruption outside or inside your place of business, plant or warehouse.


A cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete replacement. Concrete can be raised back into place quickly, often for less than half the cost of replacement and with no demolition or disposal of existing concrete that adds to our landfills.

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